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The Intelligent Choice for Multipurpose Imaging

An advanced imaging system designed to meet the unique needs of patients, physicians and staff, all in one design.

The Intelli-C offers the latest technology to optimize image quality, reduce dose and improve efficiency in radiology and GI departments. The leading-edge tilt C-arm can perform a wide range of procedures from radiographic and fluoroscopic to interventional and image-guided GI studies by offering optimized image quality, advanced software and ergonomic design.

Best-In-Class Imaging

  • Industry-proven cesium iodide flat panel detector ensures optimal reliability
  • Static and dynamic acquisition capabilities offer maximum flexibility
  • Flat panel area of 17 x 17 inches covers more anatomy to accommodate a multitude of procedures
  • Real-time image optimization provides unparalleled image quality
  • Optional DSA software offers a true multipurpose solution
Intelli-C Image


  • Intelli-C’s uncompromising flexibility allows for the table’s support arm to be configured on the left side of the system for open patient access during image-guided endoscopic procedures
  • Vertical table elevation starts at 20 inches off the floor for safe and easy patient loading
  • Integrates easily with equipment such as monitors, lamps and booms to optimize user experience


  • Programmable, automatic C-arm positioning provides improved throughput and easy access around patient table
  • The “Save and Restore” feature allows users to save any position permanently, either prior to or during an exam for fast positioning
  • Rapid and intelligent C-arm motion allows for precise angulation and maximum versatility
Intelli-C 90 deg


  • Industry-leading table width of 27.5 inches holds a weight limit of 660 pounds which offers the ability to image bariatric patients
  • The carbon fiber table, low-dose software options, virtual collimation and radiation-free positioning help reduce dose to patients and staff
  • FPD travel of 76 inches provides exceptional head-to-toe coverage without the need to move the patient

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