Our Story

In 1986 Elscint LTD of Haifa Israel, divested from the US medical imaging market. This move would have left a substantial void in sales service and support in what was known as the Central Region. In an effort to save 50 jobs and to continue offering sales and service to a vast client base, Al Perrico bought the Central Region from Elscint.

So, on February 14th 1986, Alpha Imaging was formed. Al surrounded himself with a team of quality people who shared the same vision of providing high quality medical imaging equipment with superior service and support. Since that time, Alpha Imaging has grown into one of the largest and most successful independent distributors of medical imaging equipment in the country.

And although Al’s work ethic, entrepreneurial spirit and moral compass has been the backbone of Alpha Imaging’s success, he will be the first to acknowledge that none of this would have been possible without the unequivocal support of his wife of 60 years, Marie.

Al was able to focus a tremendous amount of attention on growing the business because he was assured that Marie was raising their four children and taking care of household matters.

The word “partner” is used liberally these days, but in this case, Al and Marie’s relationship is a barometer by which all successful partnerships should be measured.

We, at Alpha Imaging are proud to continue the legacy that Al and Marie started back in 1986. We will service our growing customer base with the highest quality medical imaging equipment backed by unmatched service and support as we contribute to improving the health of the community which we serve.